One of the best things in Portugal are the beaches. I’ll try to show you most of them, especially the most popular ones. An excellent place for water sports is Guincho beach. Here you can practice surf, bodyboarding, windsurf and kite-surfing under great conditions. It is very windy what makes this a very popular place.

The best way

to get here is by car, it’s not far from Cascais, a very beautiful and well known village in Portugal. The distance between these two places is about 5 kms. You can check it here in the map.One good thing about this beach is that most of the times it isn’t crowded. So if you prefer this kind of place, this is a good choice unless you really don’t like wind when you’re at the beach. For many Portuguese surfers this place is surfers’ paradise, for others, the perfect spot; there are some surf schools here. A good place to stay for a few days could be Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho…well…if you can afford it, of course.

Nevertheless, there are other

possibilities that are more cheaper. Peniche is a well known city in Portugal. Wikipedia says there are 14.700 people living there. It is mainly known for its fishing activity since it is situated on the coast and has a lot of fishermen.  It is also known as capital city of waves and this is not a coincidence because there are lots of beaches around Peniche. undefined

Supertubes is a particularly famous

one, in fact there’s a surfing event named after it. The ASP World Championships usually takes place there, and this year we will have the Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2013 from October 9th  to October 20th . Peniche is obviously by the sea but it is located 80 kms north of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city. I In this map you can see how this city is surrounded by the sea and why it’s always good  for water sports, They say if it’s not good at the north beaches, it’s good at the  south beaches and vice versa.

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